Registered luggage

Registered luggage is transported in the plane’s hold. You can transfer it to the airlines Turing check in or in a special baggage drop-off point. Registered luggage are All the things which you check in including strollers, wheelchairs, Animals cages, bicycles, etc. In cruise airlines this kind of luggage is always included in the price of the ticket. We must remember about the weight limit; each suitcase above the limit is treated as excess luggage and is a subject of price verification.

Hand luggage

Hand luggage is the luggage taken on the plane; it is also carefully limited by the airline. The limits are established according to the size of the cupboard placed above the passenger’s seat on the plane. Commonly the size of this kind of luggage is 55x40x20 cm and its weight 10-15 kg but there are obviously some exceptions depending on an airline.