Business travels

Business class

Business class provides higher comfort of travelling in wider, adjustable seats which allow almost completely horizontal position. The gaps between rows are much bigger than in coach and the meals more sophisticated and served on fancy porcelain tableware. Passengers are greeted with a glass of champagne or freshly squeezed orange juice and throughout the whole journey there is a wide range of liquors available. Each traveler is given his own audio-video system with many possible options. By every seat there is an electrical outlet.

Another advantage is a higher amount of luggage vested for business class passengers. Most airports offer special waiting lounges which provide very comfortable conditions of transferring; there are snacks and beverages available as well as computers and bathrooms equipped in showers.

More room, comfortable seats

Business class provides wide and very comfortable seats which can be spread during the flight; it means much more space for legs. Ergonomic, adjustable seats are a perfect solution while travelling long wearisome hours.

More luggage, higher flexibility

In business class you are allowed to take much more registered luggage than in coach and the Schedules provide many flexible options of changing or annulling an air ticket.

Comfortable lounges, sophisticated meals

Meals served in business class are the cuisine of the highest range and wider choice of dishes and beverages. At the airport business class passengers are able to wait for their flight in elegant, comfortable lounges.

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